Our Need for Global Competence in ELT

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21st Century education is driven by sensible and essential elements that educators need to take into account in their teaching. ELT is no exception, as it is now driven by global competence skills that learners need to develop to be successful in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world.

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As ELT professionals, it is our responsibility to understand the core of global competence and what it entails in the classroom.  This way, we can better coach our students not only in their English learning process, but also in developing the right set of skills that they need today.  In doing so, we will be helping this new generation to:

  • Become more curious, aware, and interested in learning about and understanding the world that lays before them;
  • Understand how others see the world, analyze different perspectives and be able to express their own opinions and ideas assertively;
  • Discover the richness of diversity that surrounds them, honor differences and celebrate similarities;
  • Learn to work together in finding solutions to common challenges;
  • Develop awareness to save planet Earth and take creative actions to make a difference.

The 33rd National Conference for Teachers of English, “Developing Global Competence in the Classroom,” seeks to support all ELT professionals in the country and the region in this change of paradigm in English teaching and learning. Don´t miss this 3-day event with the participation of renowned international ELT professionals. This is your chance to be a champion today for tomorrow’s leaders by helping your students develop global competence in the English classroom.


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